12-Strand DNA Restructuring

12-Strand DNA Restructuring

In recent years, much has been talked about regarding our DNA and its relationship to our evolution, the planetary energies, aliens, and the Second Coming. Through channelings, scientific discoveries, and some of the world’s age-old traditions, we have, step by step, been learning about this important system of coding that is within all of us. One of the world’s traditions within which information about our DNA has been passed down and worked with is that of the curanderos (master healers) of Mexico.
One particular lineage of curanderos of eastern Mexico, which has primarily Mayan roots, has done much to work with our DNA, its healing, its activation, and its restructuring. Curandera Starr Fuentes, who lives in the United States and is the current holder of this lineage, brought this lineage’s DNA teachings to the United States, and has taught it to numerous people. The Curandero method of anchoring and restructuring our DNA, and mapping our light body‘s progress, is now being taught in Europe by Selena Rodriguez, a 9-year student of Starr.

The Curandero method, as with many of the teachings that have been passed from teacher to student in shamanic and mastery traditions around the world, is what we call a “caught” teaching. It is not the type of work that can be learned by reading a book. Rather, more than 90% of what is taught is learned on the subconscious level. By being in the presence of a master teacher, the student learns with his/her aura from the aura of the teacher 10,000 pieces of information per minute on how to access and work with, in this case, the appropriate energies for activating, anchoring, and re-structuring the DNA. While many concepts are presented and worked with on the conscious level in this teaching, the greatest and deepest work is done with and by the aura. We all have 12 strands of DNA. While for most people, 2 strands are active within the physical body, it has been shown in recent years, that more and more people are being born with 3 or even 4 strands of physical DNA. It has also been shown that some people who were born with 2 strands have, at a certain point in their life, physically activated a 3rd strand.

Our genes play a big role in determining whether we will naturally have high or low self-worth, wealth or lack, abuse or harmony, and much more.

This is all a sign of ourevolution as a species, and as a consciousness. No matter how many strands a person has physically active in her/his body, everyone has 12 strands in his/her light body. As we continue to evolve as a consciousness, more and more people will physically anchor in more and more strands. Our DNA contains all of the physical and energetic traits that have been passed down through our genetic lines. It gives instructions to the body for creating all of our organs, it determines our eye color, hair color, and other physical characteristics. It also contains our patterns, both positive and negative, both physical and energetic. Through our genes, a tendency to have healthy body systems or a tendency to contract certain diseases, such as breast cancer or diabetes, can be passed down.  Our genes play a big role in determining whether we will naturally have high or low self-worth, wealth or lack, abuse or harmony, and much more. Although some people in our genetic line may manifest certain traits or characteristics that we carry in our genes, not everybody in a genetic line will manifest all traits, although they may carry that trait within their DNA.
In the Curandero method, we work with the DNA in a variety of ways. One of the things that we do is re-map all 12 strands of DNA. DNA Mapping is an important process in which we remove from our genetic line the unhealthy patterns (diseases, lack, depression, etc.) and replace them with healthypatterns (health, wealth, happiness, connection, etc.). This is a powerful process that anchors in profound change (free will allowing) within the individual, and affects the person’s genetic line upward, downward, and laterally along the timeline, reaching as far out as blood relatives (living, dead, or not yet even born) that share 1/32 or more of the individual’s genetic make-up.  After doing this process, numerous people have reported major positive changes within themselves and their families, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition, DNA work can affect someone who is not in the individual’s genetic line, but who is close to the individual, such as a spouse or an adopted child.
Another way we work with DNA in the Curandero tradition is by locating where in the aura all 12 of the strands are located. Once the strands are located, they can be compacted, so that they can function more efficiently, and more quickly and easily manifest the positive changes brought about through the mapping. A fourth way that the DNA is worked with is through discovering which of the 12 strands are active in a person’s physical body. The curanderos have universal names for each of the 12 strands. Not everyone has the same two strands physically manifested. Knowing which strands are active within us can give us a vast amount of information about who we are, what our purpose is, how we key in to the many aspects of the universe, and with whom/what we resonate best. Knowing which strands are active can also show us if we are with our appropriate life partner, or, if we are seeking to find our life partner, it can help us in our search.
Yet another of the many ways that the curanderos work with the DNA is by doing a DNA name and word analysis. Through this analysis, a person can find out how his/her name, address, partner’s name, company name, and more resonate with the DNA. Sometimes changing just one letter in a name can make a big difference in a person’s life.  In the intensive five-day DNA Anchoring and Restructuring course, all of the above methods are learned and more. Activating working with, and restructuring the DNA is a profound and rewarding process which brings great transformation. In these times of major shifting on our planet earth, it is essential that we take active steps toward our own personal growth and evolution. As we heal ourselves and our genes, we honor our ancestors, our living relatives, and those who have yet to be born. Through this healing and transformation, we can key in more deeply to our unique purpose on this earth, which is already coded into our DNA. As we uncover the blockages, we are more able to recognize who we really are, what we are here to do, and how really, at the very core, we are all one.

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