Spiritual Revolution

Spiritual Revolution

The words of the masters linger in the minds of the spiritual. The meaning and the use of these words linger between the gray area of having a concept and knowing. Right now as you read each word, a person is awakening to their spiritual path. There are millions who are awakened. How many of us really “know”?  The countless seminars, books, articles and lessons pile more and more information into our minds.  What happened to knowledge? It is time for a spiritual revolution. We must start to practice using our tools. We must “know”.  What am I talking about? I am talking about all the concepts and tools we possess; the information on how to make ourselves over, change our lives and move forward. We keep gathering these tools and concepts as if they were the enlightenment.

Knowing when and how to use them and doing so is the enlightenment. We keep searching for this “greater reality” that is beyond ordinary comprehension. We keep enhancing our perception and opening our awareness. Yet basically our lives follow the same path as most non-metaphysical people who desire to have more and work for it. We are full of undigested concepts.

The fact is, we can do whatever we want to do as long as our inner intention matches our choice.

Moving into the stage that is called “knowing” is the last step of the process. The spiritual revolution that is going to take place on a grand scale is happening on a smaller scale in the communities that value a high level of awareness. The revolution is when one moves the concept into practice to receive the knowing. The backbone of the new spiritual revolution is; that we will be moving into the inner self to get the new tools of knowing. The standard process of changing things outside our self, to change the inner self, which in turn changes the outer world, is no longer practical.  The 1st Inner Work will be “The Being”. We are taught to interrupt the inner process over and over again. As soon as someone says something we fling an answer off the top of our head. We say what we THINK we should say. We are never still enough to hear, fell or see what the reply from the inner self is.
We feel that we have to be doing something all the time. We fantasize when we get bored. Worse yet, we gossip and complain about things that we can do nothing about. We have come to the point in this time and fast moving age when it is important not to interrupt the inner process. We are so busy doing, that we never let the inner process get started.  The Inner Work is so important because it puts together all the information and experiences we have. The Inner Self has 98% of all the files that we keep. It specializes in cross checking and putting together facts and theories. The Inner Self figures things out and gets the answers from source, then it sends these to the conscious mind.  The only time you can hear from the inner self is when you are “being”. Show down and learn to be with the inner you.
The 2nd Inner Work will be “The All”. In this age of specialization, we learn and observe the piece of life with which we are that we are concerned. We interact with the few pieces of life that we have “judged” to be interesting or beneficial to us. We strive to do certain things well and just casually do others. The inner work of “The All” states that All must be done with awareness and intention. The dishes are just as important to your inner work as is your tax return. Remember Gandhi. All acts are equal in the process of inner work. The 3rd Inner Work is “The Connection”. We seem to choose our connection and how strong or intense it will be. We do not spend time with our inner self to choose what will benefit our growth and awareness. We use our minds to tell us what we want and most of us do not know our own spiritual needs. “The Connection” needs to show us what to do and choose. We must let our inner work become strong enough so that we can get what we need spiritually and let the mind’s wants find their appropriate place in our lives.
The 4 th Inner Work is “The Action”. Before there is to be any physical action at any time, we must be still and listen to our “Inner Voice”. We can be such creatures of habit and do something only because it worked in the past. Checking in with the “inner Voice” allows us to get input that may give us shortcuts which will save time and energy or it may lead to the use of more time and energy, but with results of a greater quality. Checking in before each action will give your life a quality of intention that leads to more Inner Work. The 5th Inner Work is “The Choice”. The fact is, we can do whatever we want to do as long as our inner intention matches our choice. When we talk about choice, we also talk about choosing NOT to do certain acts which do not match our choice. The most important part of choice is to let the inner voice remind us what we have chosen and to let us know when we are not following our choice.
When we procrastinate or do not complete something, it is because we are not listening to our inner voice. We are listening to our mind. So, “Choice” needs to come from the inner self and let the mind and body know how to respond, rather than the other way around.  The 6th Inner Work is “The Communication”. The way we think we communicate is with our voice.There are about 1000 other communications going on in every minute. The inner self controls the body language, the tension in the body, the amount of emotion, tone of voice and most importantly the aura (energy around you). We have learned to listen to the words, it is time to let the inner self listen, feel and hear the energies. The 7th Inner Work is “The Energy”. All things follow the form of energy unless they are forced. All energies flow in waves. It is important to know where the energy is. If the energies are at the trough of the wave then anything you want to accomplish will take twice as long and more energy. We can tune in to the inner self which has a finger on the pulse of all waves and listen for the “wait” or “now”. To be part of the structure of things, learn to determine the stage of waves.
The 8th Inner Work is “The Self”. All of us know our assets. Yet we take so much caution to avoid our liabilities and our shadow. The inner self functions best when we embrace all of it. To be able to spend time on our shadow and our liabilities, allows us to look inward and focus on inner change. The shadows and liabilities need exposure more than the assets and liabilities.  The 9th Inner Work is “The Levels”. All that is going on, no matter how many times you “think” that it happened before, is happening on a new level. Some levels are not observable to us at our level of awareness; so, we start to get bored and we start to think. This causes us to “miss” the lessons and energies when they are observable to us because we are busy. All the levels have polarities and some times to finish a level we must embrace both poles.
The 10th Inner Work is “The Results”. We all know that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again you get the same results. Some people keep doing things differently and still get the same results. The results let you know exactly where you are no matter where you think you are.  The results will change when you change internally followed by a change of action.  It is easy to see that as we move inward in the next couple of years, our relationships will change.  There will be more silence in conversations. Things may take more “time” to get done. The quality of living will increase. The road to inner peace will become smoother. Most importantly, we will “know” ourselves and learn to be spiritual.

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