Divine Intervention

In this article, we’ll be revealing exactly what Divine Intervention is, so far as typical human understandings can allow, and we’ll also go over a few reasons you should seriously consider learning how to benefit from it… learn the processes involved, and then bless other’s with your knowledge.

The earth and it’s people are having problems. Sickness is all around us. Sickness has a way of spreading its negative energies into human tissue, thought, and action. A diseased organ in and of itself is just a dis-eased organ, but the negative effects of the dis-eased organ on the sick person can cause the mind to become overwhelmed to the point that it gravitates towards disability and dysfunction.

When the mind becomes ensnared with dysfunction, healing energies towards the dis-eased organ can become decreased or even eliminated (depending upon your constitution and immune system). A person’s vision and personal awareness can become very closed-in, yet scattered and not cohesive. If we continue on this kind of path, disease can severely debilitate or kill us. We see it all the time, everywhere around us.

Medical science and technologies are wonderful, and breakthroughs in these fields have increased our life spans, eradicated many diseases, and prevented or decreased suffering immeasurably. Yet, some people will not seek medical healing, or their own judgements will allow them to only go so far with medical treatments. Cancer is a good example of this. For some people, just hearing the “C” word means they’re going to die. At least that’s where their irrational mind goes. Their mind translates this prognosis as “it’s all over” for them. Some people who learn they have cancer are convinced that they will not do chemotherapy or radiation treatments because they saw the struggles and problems with a family member or loved one who went through them.

Judgements, perceptions, and rumors are everywhere out there. Some will put all their faith and trust into modern medicine. Some will do the same with faith, spirituality or religion. Some will only seek alternative healing because they don’t want to go through what they perceive as a terrible medical process. Some want to “hedge their bets” so to speak, and turn to religion, spirituality, AND alternative healing options while still undergoing everything that medical science can offer.

Divine Intervention may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that can call the forces of nature and heaven together, hand in hand.

Divine Intervention is a spiritual, not religious methodology and practice. Let’s define the words and then paint a picture of it in broad strokes. First, lets take the word “Divine.” The word divine means “of or belonging to God or Source” or “proceeding from God or Source.” The word “Intervention” means “facilitating the act of coming between a person or thing” to settle something or move towards settling it. So, Divine Intervention could be defined as the act of facilitating a healing between God or Source and the person who is sick.

Divine Intervention is where Source (God, Buddha, or your higher power) comes through and the physical and the spiritual take action at the same instant to create a miracle. Put another way, Divine Intervention is the phenomenon where tumors fall to the floor and/or dis-eases may go into spontaneous remission.

Divine Intervention may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that can call the forces of nature and heaven together, hand in hand. The most intimate connection that one can have with another being on this planet is to hold the space for a split second… long enough for heaven to appear in or for someone.

As Source intervenes in a situation through a Divine Intervention practitioner, the laws of a larger physics come into play. The possibility that the body may return to its natural state of wholeness jumps astronomically. At this moment the physical body may surrender to be used to the fullest by Source as the electric and magnetic energies split. When this happens, anything that is not vital to the energetic structure of the body falls apart and appears outside of the body.

Source intervening in any situation brings up several questions. There are a number of things that need to precede this “Miraculous Event.” The Divine Intervention practitioner needs to create the space for the “Divine” to manifest. Source needs to be called upon and directed by blending healing wisdom with the power of the Divine. The DI-practitioner needs to “Let Go” of judgment of the condition of the healee, step out of ego, and stay out of the way mentally and emotionally. She/He has to surrender to become the instrument of Source, which raises the vibrations of someone with a chronic ailment by using specific dimensions and emanating a precise hertz frequency.

The healee’s state of consciousness, emotional overlays, amount of repressed emotions, and original cause play an important part in the process. No matter how good the energy, until someone has learned her/his lesson or she/he totally put the dis-ease into the hands of a higher power, healing comes at its own natural pace or not at all. To create a connection with Source that supersedes most belief systems and most scientific results causes miraculous events.

These people had walked into class as healers, nurses, practitioners, and even an M.D., and now were walking out with the knowledge to do what only Masters could do in former times.

Miracles manifest in many ways. The energy flowing into the natural healing process increases as energetic blockages are removed from the subtle bodies and the physical body. When a connection to Source that is as “wide as a pencil” is increased to the size of a “two-lane highway,” the possibilities multiply in quantum leaps. At this point in time what scientists call a “singularity” happens. A shift in some states or in all states occurs. The results can be having nothing appearing on the physical level, small cells like grains of sand or rice showing, or large chunks of matter manifesting outside of the body.

As people move along their individual spiritual path, opportunities present themselves to learn Divine Intervention. This ancient method can only be learned by being in the presence of a teacher who has learned from another teacher in a long lineage of healers. The movement of energies on the planet at this time makes teaching classes like this possible.

In Starr’s own words, “In January 1996, I had the privilege of watching the first class of Divine Intervention Facilitators graduate. As I looked around the room and saw 22 people who had changed so much during the year, I started to cry. These people had walked into class as healers, nurses, practitioners, and even an M.D., and now were walking out with the knowledge to do what only Masters could do in former times. These people had watched and learned as tumors had fallen out of people, as cancerous cells had rained out of others, and as MRI reports would come back as “no cancer present” (spontaneous remission).”

These graduates – like the over 800 that followed them – now touch their clients and hold a place for Source and heaven to appear for them. The lineage of Divine Intervention has been passed down, again! For the Highest Good of all.

So, becoming a Divine Intervention Practitioner is a process that is both challenging and rewarding. You must become disciplined of mind, yet willing to push your gifts and abilities of holding space, into the hands of Source for the greatest good of the person being healed, and as I’ve already said, there is no room for personal ego in this process.

A future Divine Intervention class awaits you! Together with your fellow classmates you’ll learn where your capabilities are, where your blind spots and inhibiting forces are. You’ll learn to open your trust in process. You’ll turn perceptions into strengths that allow you to facilitate miracles in peoples lives. You’ll realize that it’s not about you, but there are personal rewards in the changes you’ll see come to other people’s lives. With these changes, your own spiritual and physical constitution will be strengthened, ascendant, and more assured.

Be sure to check Starr’s teaching schedule to learn and participate.

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