Breast Cancer eBook Available Now!

It’s 2016. A brand new year and a time for new beginnings, resolutions, and renewed efforts toward the things that are most important in our lives. Many people put their focus on what is outwardly visible, forgetting or neglecting the inner. Unfortunately, when old energies that need to be released don’t come out of the body, they develop into cancer.

Modern medicine often ignore the core issues or original causes behind dis-ease. They may go so far as to say “stress is a key factor in your illness”, or “diet and exercise are crucial to your recuperation and continued wellness”, but the very core issue of the ailment or dis-ease is very often left untreated, leaving the door open for further malaise.

While more and more research studies are being conducted to draw the correlation between our emotions, relationships, and wellness as they relate to dis-eases present in our bodies, the very core issues or original causes behind dis-ease is still often left untreated.

Whether you are just beginning to study about the dis-ease of cancer or whether you have already read volumes about it, you will find new and useful tools to facilitate wellness for yourself within my new eBook, Breast Cancer: Healing Core Issues.

In addition, from my own personal experiences after 40 years of working with tens of thousands of people, I have created a chart that connects core issues to the area where a tumor, cyst, fibroid, or lump appears in the breast. And while this chart speaks specifically about breasts and breast cancer, if you carry the energies of one or more of these core issues, they may cause dis-ease in other parts of your body. So I encourage you to use the processes within the book, whether you are a woman or a man, to release old energies and heal or prevent dis-ease. While this book is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cure, it can be a great companion tool as you work together with your medical doctor for a more complete treatment.

Be prepared to make a shift that will affect all aspects of your life. Pass the wisdom contained in this book on to your family and friends with the confidence that they can use the knowledge to make powerful personal transformations.

Remember that wellness takes work and begins with a commitment from you.

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