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For Starr, every year brings new opportunities to learn, travel, and teach.  You would think that this master healer and teacher would begin to slow down as she ages, but it’s clearly not the case with Starr.  In her 77th year, she is seemingly more active, engaged, and in demand, than ever before!  From her base in Hot Springs Arkansas, she still keeps a steady flow of phone appointments, classes, webinars, and a weekly internet radio show where she interviews special guests from all across the metaphysical spectrum.  She is also the pastor of the Church of Divine Intervention, where her weekly message keeps pace with the needs of the local community. As if this were not enough, she also makes a point of attending Expo’s and hosting seminars and classes across the country, which brings us to our next point.

Seeing Starr Live

For many of you, your only personal experience with Starr is through 3rd party stories, a very brief chance encounter somewhere, or perhaps a phone consultation session.  These are usually very memorable events, but they are nothing in comparison to the LIVE experience with Starr.  Being in Starr’s presence for several hours during a class, an Expo Presentation, or one of her hosted seminar events will make you quickly realize that this is a powerfully present and gifted woman.

Energy, Grids, & Caught Teachings

What Starr puts into her live events is nothing short of amazing and is energetically felt by her attendees.  There’s not a live event she’s ever done that she doesn’t first prepare the space to be an appropriate, positive, and consuming energy-rich environment.  Stepping into the rooms where she teaches are often the place for first conversations among her students about something in the room feeling different, tingly, or energized.  People have often thought it to be their own excitement and anticipation, but this is the common result of transforming a teaching space to be a space that’s ripe for receiving knowledge, insight, and light.  This grid of preparation integrates you into it.  As it does, your receptiveness greatly increases and it’s a very common event that people will simply “catch” a teaching as your own aura interacts with Starrs.  Catching a teaching is like receiving a download.  Things you didn’t know before are suddenly clear in your mind.  Think of it as a sudden increase in your vision and understanding.  It’s a powerful and amazing event to be a part of!

Take Action! Be There!

Until you’ve sat at the feet of a master you can’t truly appreciate the openness you’ll experience, the insights and directions you’ll be led to, or the deeper understandings you’ll then be able to use in your own lives.  The only way to get it is to decide in making it a priority.  I encourage you to explore Starr’s websites, and then take a look at her schedule.  Choose an event that piques your interest, and then plan on attending.  Don’t take our word for it.  You’ll find many of her past attendees willing to fill you in on the amazing energy and growth they’ve experienced.  May this short article help you in your decision.  Enjoy!


New Life Expo: March 18-20, 2016

214 W 29th St suite # 1007, New York, NY 10001


Available workshops: March 22 – 26


Universal Life Expo: April 23-24, 2016

717 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio


Available workshops: April 26 – May 01


For details on Starr’s workshops, visit her online schedule here.

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