is the place to learn about Starr's history, as well as her current services and offerings.  Here you can find her complete schedule of events, purchase books, CDs, DVDs, Journals and video courses in the web store, and register for exciting classes that take place both in person and online.


Light Language is based on the light speed healing techniques of the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico. As we move into the “Light Age”, our spiritual evolution has moved upward through the chakras. Now we are more ready than ever before to apply this ancient Mayan wisdom to our lives.


Light is home to powerful software designed specifically for creating Light Language grids. It broadly covers not only the tools that are needed for Beginning Light Language, but for Intermediate, Advanced methods and beyond.


Divine Intervention may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that can call the forces of nature and heaven together, hand in hand. This site details the powerful course that Starr provides, explaining what it is and how it has dramatically changed lives from people around the world. Explore its background and review some associated healing techniques and prayer.


Selena Rodriguez is a master at facilitating profound shifts in both individuals and groups. Her 21 years of experience working with ancient lineage teachings from around the world, combined with her deep connection to parallel universes, angelic realms, and the spaces between the worlds, result in astounding inner and outer transformation.


Through inspired guidance coupled with energy transmissions and light-code activations from a variety of sacred traditions, you will discover the truth of who you are: a radiant being who can do and be more than you ever imagined. Drawing from an extensive toolbox of Shamanic methods, High Magic, and cutting-edge techniques, Zabe Barnes will teach you to consciously access energies.


A School for advanced spiritual, mystical and magical training. Rachel Grayner is an Ordained Minister with the Church of Divine Intervention. She is a practicing Shaman, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Psychic. She has spent the past six years studying with teachers and Mystery Schools all over the World and has been certified to teach many of these classes, and offer these teachings as a service towards enlightenment, self healing, play and fun.